Top 5 Poker Myths

Posted by On January - 2 - 2015

There are many poker enthusiasts who would do anything to win big. Besides developing strategies, they also try a series of tricks, hoping to achieve a successful hand. Some may end up to be the lucky ones, while others turn into a total mess. Furthermore, it is advisable to gamble responsibly and never turn this hobby into an addiction. Below you can find the 5 poker myths that must be avoided at all costs.


Withdrawing money means losing

Reputable online casinos don’t care what players do with their money. This means that nothing bad will happen if you decide to enjoy the winnings after a gambling session. Furthermore, their whole existence depends on the means they use to satisfy the players’ needs. On the other hand, it is up to you to find a trustworthy provider. can help you with useful reviews, making it easy to take a decision.

Winning means eye contact

There are people who avoid online poker. They believe that they are prone to lose because they cannot make eye contact with the opponents. However, the physical absence in this case is not something bad, but on the contrary, it is a gain. You can act however you want as you can express your emotions freely, making the bet even more intense. Furthermore, the way a gambler plays his cards can give the same important clues as playing face to face.

Beginners stand no chance

Strategy plays a major role in the poker world, but you must not forget that this is a game of chance. Even professional players have their bad days and regardless how hard they try, nothing works. However, this does not mean that you cannot evolve and increase the winnings. You can find out more about how first-time players can enjoy a successful experience by reading this article.

Bad players can ruin your hand

It is a fact that not all poker players are pro. Unfortunately, there are some who play really bad. It is true that they usually take the most uninspired decisions, or bluff too much. This is why it is mandatory to focus first on your hand and when you share the table with such gamblers, to think twice before you make a move.

Online bets are bad most of the time

Many believe that the online environment is bad for poker players. However, facts show the opposite. Those who wager through their virtual casino enjoy a series of significant benefits:
• the possibility to participate at multiple tables;
• betting online is faster than in brick and mortar casino, thus you can play much more hands.

Stay away from myths and enjoy a great online poker experience!


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